The Book: Why The Bible Matters

Several in our church are creating a habit of regular Bible reading and study. Many began this year with a goal and the resolve to read through the entire Bible. Why is the Bible so important in the life of our church? In this three week series, we will explore the significant role the Bible plays in the life of the disciples. We will learn that the Bible does much to reveal the story of God, the story of us as individuals and the story of us as a community impacting the planet.

Series start date: January 12th, 2020

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Sermons in this series

  • Our Story

    Discovering Our Story in the Scriptures

    Sunday, January 26th, 2020

    by Dion Frasier

    It has been said more than once that we have been created to do life together. In doing life together, we are tasked with doing things on this earth to impact the earth. Some might call this our purpose for living. In scripture, we are reminded in numerous accounts that God intends for his people to work together to do something special on this earth. What does the Bible reveal about our story together?

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  • Your Story

    Finding Your Story in the Scriptures

    Sunday, January 19th, 2020

    by Dion Frasier

    It is amazing to see how the human experience has developed since the creation of humans. We find a striking similarity of the human condition over the many generations since the beginning. The bible has astonished us in that, although it was written thousands of years before today, it reveals much about who we are. How will a robust reading and study of scripture help us understand who we are more fully?

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  • His Story

    The Story of God in the Scriptures

    Sunday, January 12th, 2020

    by Dion Frasier

    Throughout the pages of the scriptures, we meet God over and over again. It is impossible for the pages of Scripture to contain a full definitive view of God, but it does a really good job of giving us a glimpse of God. It is up to us to take cues from scripture to embark on our own journey of understanding. What does the Bible tell us about God?

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