Series start date: April 30th, 2017

In this series, we will explore some of Jesus’ post resurrection encounters. It is possible to get caught up in the euphoria of the resurrection, so much so it paralyzes us. Jesus’ post-resurrection encounters are full of interactions that yield some responsive actions. Leading up to Pentecost, the gospels report that men and women were so profoundly affected by the resurrection that it led to a worldwide movement. Will we react like those in the gospel stories and continue to participate in this movement?

Sermons in this series

  • Testify


    The Apostles

    June 4th, 2017

    Despite the myriad of reports that the church in America is declining in numbers and waning in influence, the Spirit of God is at work throughout the world - and even in America.

    We read of God's powerful work through the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. The real question for us is, do we believe that he is still able to do the same work in 2017? If so, we can't keep quiet, we must testify.

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  • Believe



    May 21st, 2017

    In many faith traditions, doubt is a bad word. If you have doubt, somehow you are displeasing to God. Life should be a culmination of certainties. The story of Thomas demonstrates that God pursued him in his doubt, and that he will pursue us even when we doubt.

    Video courtesy of John Crist.

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  • Feed



    May 14th, 2017

    We become so paralyzed by our mess ups and sins and pride and addictions and relapses that we don't often feel God's forgiveness. Being forgiven - and feeling forgiven - is crucial, because in response to our forgiveness Jesus is calling us to take care of one another. To feed one another.

    Video courtesy of Skit Guys.

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  • See


    Cleopas and associate

    May 7th, 2017

    When we read this story, try to keep in mind that even though we know that this person is Jesus, the two disciples had no clue. And yet these two disciples poured out their struggle to a stranger. And that openness opened the door for them for:

    • An encounter
    • An explanation
    • An experience
    • A thanksgiving

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  • Go


    Mary Magdalene

    April 30th, 2017

    Jesus tells Mary Magdalene to "Go" and "Go" she did! She was the first evangelist, the first teller of the "Good News." She was the one who went with urgency to the Apostles. What if this woman - who had once lived in darkness but now lived in the light of the resurrection - what would have happened if she didn't go?

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