Ecclesiastes: Meaningless to Meaning


Series start date: May 5th, 2013

Meaningless to Meaning

In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon offers practical offerings about many subjects. His offerings are extremely practical and timely given that many of us in the church are on a never ending pursuit of self-discovery to find meaning in life. Throughout this exploration, we pray that we might find practical advice for life's most common but oft complex issues.

Sermons in this series

  • Ecclesiastes

    Get to the Point

    May 26th, 2013

    At the conclusion of Solomon's musings, he offers one of the most simplistic and to the point messages found in scripture. "The last and final word is this: Fear God. Do what he tells you." Ecclesiastes 12:13 MESSAGE While this statement appears to be empty of explanation and details, when coupled with all that Solomon wrote prior to this statement, it is actually rich in helping us to arrive at meaning and functionality in life.

    Primary text(s): Ecclesiastes 9:10, Ecclesiastes 7:3, Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

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  • Ecclesiastes

    Group Therapy

    May 19th, 2013

    Two or three or four is better than one! Foolishly, we sometimes think doing life alone is better than doing life in community. The futility of this thinking has led many to dismiss that power of a group. Solomon said two is better than one. In our quest for meaning, it is important to involve the presence of God and others as the process of self-discovery is much better as a group project.

    Primary text(s): Ecclesiastes 4:1-16

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  • Ecclesiastes

    525,600 Minutes

    May 12th, 2013

    Solomon wrote there is a time and season for everything under the sun. None of us are excused from experiencing activities of life including pain, loss, death, fatigue and disappointment. But how does the one who believes in God handle these seasons?

    Primary text(s): Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Ecclesiastes 3:12-14
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  • Ecclesiastes

    The Quest for Meaning

    May 5th, 2013

    Have you ever asked the question, "What is my purpose in life?" This is a question that haunts and angers many because seemingly they never arrive at an answer. Solomon lived a life of excess (money, power, sex) and at the end of it all he exclaimed, "Meaningless". As we kick off this new series, we will explore popular culture's definition of meaning and see how it compares to God's definition.

    Primary text(s): Ecclesiastes 1:2

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