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As servants of Jesus, we all have opportunities to serve. Here are some opportunities specific to our church where you can get involved.

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Our ministries are loosely divided into four categories:

  1. Body Life
  2. Education
  3. Operations
  4. Outreach

By choosing a ministry area under these categories, you will be contacted by the ministry leader of that area to begin a conversation about how you can serve.

There are several online tools to appraise your spiritual gifts. One you may want to try is

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Body Life
The Coffee Center provides an opportunity for fellowship, beverages and snacks before the worship service.
It is our tradition to take communion and collect an offering every week. We need servants to distribute communion and collect offering during service.
We need our servant members to be connected to other people. The purpose of Connect Groups is to ensure that all members are provided opportunities to connect with other Christians (disciples) in smaller group settings.
We need our servant members to have fun together. The Fellowship ministry focuses on organizing events specifically for the church family. This would include cookouts, camping trips, card tournaments, etc.
The Greeting and Guests ministry involves servants welcoming guests at our Sunday morning worship. This group of hospitable servants would pay attention to the condition of the building, making sure welcome packets are available and that guests feel welcomed when they attend our church.
Social and service opportunities for our ladies. Primary event is the ladies' class that meets twice on Thursday, mornings and evenings, to accommodate different schedules.
Social and service opportunities for our men. Primary event is the men's study that takes place on Monday evenings.
The New Members ministry focuses on integrating new people into the church family. This includes a new member class and spiritual gift assessments.
Our Nursery serves the families of children ages 6 months to 3 years during the sermon period of each worship service. It is located in the back of the fellowship hall, and is staffed by safe and caring church members who love to play and interact with our little ones.
The Teens ministry focuses on youth aged 12-18. This includes Bible education, event planning and helping teens to grow in their faith.
Our servant members need to connect to one another and to God by worshiping him on a regular basis. The Worship ministry's primary function is to provide leadership during our Sunday morning gathering. This includes singing, audio/visual, preaching and fellowship.
The Young Adults ministry focuses on young adults from post high school through their 20s. This includes Bible education, event planning and helping young adults to grow in their faith.
The Adult Education ministry exists to facilitate the development of learning for all adult Christians. Learning is essential to building our faith and that learning needs to encompass on-going study that leads to a life of actionable Christianity - a true walking with Christ.
Children's Church takes place during the sermon time on Sunday morning.
The Children's Education ministry focuses on children aged birth-11 years old. This includes bible education to help them grow in their faith and understanding of God.
We are blessed to have a room full of various supplies to supplement the ministries of the church. The room is in constant need of organizing, inventory and replenishment.
The Teen Education ministry focuses on children aged 12-18. This includes Bible education, event planning and helping teens to grow in their faith.
Overseeing operations from the main office including answering phones, correspondence with membership and regular tasks associated with the office, including providing support for church staff, elders and ministry leaders.
Provide leadership and service operating video and audio systems in the main auditorium, primarily during Sunday worship.
Editing and printing of our weekly bulletin used in our Sunday worship.
A multi-step, iterative process to turn our dreams into reality
The Facilities ministry focuses on the maintenance of our church buildings.
The Finance ministry leads the financial stewardship of the funds collected in our church. This includes budgeting, payments and overseeing the financial operations of the church under the oversight of the elders.
Assessment, oversight and support of information systems used by the church.
Assessment, oversight and support of the website used by the church.
The Benevolence ministry serves to facilitate helping those with physical needs. Needs can range from help with gasoline, assistance with rent, or personal items.
Central Ohio Work Camp provides a unique opportunity for teenagers to serve their neighbors by providing a week's worth of their time voluntarily painting the houses of people who are in need.
Join us for our monthly dinner and grocery give-away on the 4th Saturday of the month. Brighten someone's day by sharing a meal and simple conversation. The day you brighten might be your own.
The Guyana Ministry exists to serve orphans and abandoned children in Guyana and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Further, occasional mission trips to Guyana may occur.
The Honduras Ministry exists to serve orphans and abandoned children in Honduras and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Further, occasional mission trips to Honduras may occur.
We have established a missional relationship with Slate Ridge Elementary School. We want to be a blessing and a support to the staff and students at this school in our neighborhood.
Over the summer, we host Neighborhood Cookouts for our families and the wider community every Wednesday evening at 6:00. These are fun, casual gatherings that will make sure everyone is fed. There are games and activities for kids and adults. We host these on the front lawn of our building.
At least 4 times a year we have the privilege to lead worship services for the residents at Willow Brook Christian Home.
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