Guidelines for Resuming In-Person Worship

  1. 1. Goals

    1. Return to in-person worship as a community
    2. Minimize risk to our members and between the 2 congregations
    3. Set a single, consistent standard for all who are using the building
  2. 2. Preparations that will occur prior to our first service

    1. Hand sanitizer stations in all open parts of building
    2. Increased frequency and thoroughness of cleaning services
    3. Auditorium seating adjusted to allow 6-feet distance
    4. Sanitizing supplies on hand
    5. Cleaning procedures established and documented. Extra cleaning to occur after each service.
    6. Communion procedures adjusted
    7. Signage in place to remind of distance and sanitizing
    8. Building use limited to Reynoldsburg Church of Christ and La Iglesia Gracia de Jesucristo
  3. 3. Available Rooms at First

    1. Auditorium
    2. Prayer Room
    3. Auditorium Foyer
    4. Baptistery and work area behind
    5. Offices – only authorized people
    6. Restrooms in auditorium foyer
  4. 4. High risk persons should STAY HOME for now.

  5. 5. Anyone who is ill should STAY HOME.

  6. 6. For now, we will NOT be having:

    1. In-person Bible classes Sundays or Wednesdays.
    2. Children’s Church during worship time
    3. Attended nursery during worship
    4. Potlucks or other fellowships
    5. Coffee station in the kitchen
    6. Water fountains – please bring your own water bottle if needed.
    7. Any operations in our kitchen
    8. Old auditorium will be closed temporarily
    9. Classroom wing will be closed temporarily
  7. 7. We WILL be continuing:

    1. Online worship for those unable to attend in person
    2. Bulletin in email format (a few printed copies will be available for those who don’t have email)
    3. Small Groups via Zoom: Men – every Saturday at 9 AM, Ladies every Thurs at 11:00 AM & 5:30 PM, Book of Luke every Sunday 5 PM.
  8. 8. Sanitation and distancing:

    1. 6 ft distance between family groups at all times
    2. Proceed directly into auditorium on arrival, and directly outside after worship. Do not congregate in foyer.
    3. AVOID handshakes or hugs
    4. Please ask children NOT to run/play in the building.
    5. All to wear facial coverings/masks at all times (under age 2, or unable to wear them).
    6. We will provide hand sanitizer in key locations. Wash hands/use sanitizer frequently
    7. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue
    8. All high touch surfaces sanitized before and after each service
    9. Doors propped open or held by a dedicated person to minimize contact
  9. 9. Worship changes:

    1. Sunday worship service at 10:30 AM. Worship to be shortened to minimize exposure and restroom usage.
    2. Family groups sit together in auditorium, 6 ft apart. We will organize the seats to maintain proper social distancing.
    3. Use of prepackaged communion – pick up on way in, partake together, then dispose on way out.
    4. Contributions either online, by check or cash left with one of the Elders, or deposited in boxes by auditorium doors.
    5. Responses to invitation will be handled by elders/ministers in masks.
    6. Dismissal by row after closing prayer, starting in back.
  10. 10. Target date for resuming in-person worship – Sunday, January 10th, 2021.