What is a small group?

A Christian small group can be identified as a deliberate face to face gathering of three to twelve people who meet regularly and share the common purpose of exploring together some aspect of Christian life, faith and discipleship.

Our mission is to develop small loving groups of people that are growing in Christ, reaching out and bringing others into the group, and sending out new leaders to start new groups, which will then do the same.

As believers in Jesus Christ we seek to obey and follow him.

The heart of small groups is our belief that:

  1. Everyone has a gift and function

    We believe that every person has a gift and has leadership potential. This is the "priesthood of all believers." Everyone has a place.

  2. Everyone should be ministered to

    We believe that every person should receive loving care and support from the group around them. We give what we have received, we teach what we have been taught.

  3. Everyone should be ministering

    We believe that every person is able to minister to others, giving loving care and support. Ministering is not something reserved for the select few, but rather is for everyone.

  4. Our focus is reaching the lost

    We believe that we are best equipped and encouraged to reach out to others in a group. Our focus is outward - we are the hands and feet by which the good news of Jesus Christ is carried into our community and the world.

Current groups

Group Description When Host
Briscoe's Small Group

An empty-nester small group - currently with no kids.

Sundays @ 6:00 TrennaB
Johnson's Small Group

A friendly small group - kids from infant to high school, and deep discussions.

Sundays @ 5:30 BillJ